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Courtesy of John Barnes Photography

Welcome to my Website...

I am an experienced freelance dressage trainer and rider covering the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire areas. I train a wonderfully diverse variety of clients. From those who simply enjoy dancing with their horse at home, to riders looking to compete at Area, Regional and National levels.

No day is ever the same and may start with a cheeky Highland or a laid back Shire, then onto a hot Andalusian, a nervous Thoroughbred or a hollow Friesian and then finish with a Warmblood claiming to be all of the above depending on the day of the week!

I am passionate about passing on the amazing knowledge I have gained from my trainers at the TTT (Training the Teachers of Tomorrow.) I was born with a love for horses and teaching, but no natural talent for riding dressage. It is something the TTT has taught me how to do, how to feel, and how to see when it is true and when it is not.

This is what I believe now makes me a good trainer. Because I have had to learn how, I can teach you how too.

Dressage correctly done, looks and feels like magic. But there is no mystery here.

It is a simple logical training programme that naturally leads from one stage to the next. From Foal to Advanced.

I want my training sessions to be the highlight of my clients week. Whether you are looking to ride with more confidence, hack with more safety, improve the flatwork for jumping, or to systematically raise your dressage percentages to a winning level whilst climbing the dressage ladder from Prelim to Advanced, I can help you.

If you are having training problems, I can assist you in overcoming them.

"Whatever your goals, together we can achieve them."